Custom Printed

Full colour, black print only and more

Custom printed packaging is an essential form of marketing. Its look communicates your brand to your clientele. Standing out in a competitive market is key to success in your industry. It’s a form of visual marketing that means your packaged goods are instantly recognisable for current and future clients. Creative visual advertising in the booming age of social media has become a majorly influential component to all businesses.

Custom Box

Outperform your competition with our custom boxes. Transcend your packaging solution with us by creating innovative designs that are destined for success.


Foiling is a great way to create an eye-catching box. With a plethora of colours available, foiling will enhance your brand perception.

Spot UV

Spot UV gives your box great texture while boasting a shining effect that will grab the attention of consumers.

Eco Friendly

The environment is at the forefront of our operations. That’s why we use recyclable material sourced from eco-friendly suppliers.

Printing Process

The printing process breathes life into your design. Simply choose the size, style, material and quantity and we’ll take care of the rest.

Lithographic Printing

For the best image resolution, use lithographic printing; it’s perfect for your more complex design ideas.

Six Colour Printing

Our printing machines can run up to six colours without compromising that resolution quality.

Custom Colour Mixing

Custom colours can be made by mixing inks to concoct the colours you desire.


We can produce up to 10,000 sheets of your designs per hour.


Pricing is influenced by the previous stages and is calculated on an individual basis. A Higher-order quantity will decrease the cost per unit.


We can print and stock your supply in our secure warehouse.


Once we’ve received a sample of your product we will manufacture a plain sample box to make certain the fitment of your product is adequate, allowing for any necessary adjustments to be made. Next we will produce a fully printed sample to showcase the completed box, giving opportunity to make any finishing touches before mass production commences.

Spot UV Printing

Spot UV printing targets areas of a carton with a glossy, clear coating. This is a great way to make specific areas shine while giving your cartons texture. It has its greatest effect paired with matt laminated packaging as the contrast really makes those different areas pop. Not only does it work as a high-end varnish but it’s durable and strong.


What our customers say

Bolton Gin

Custom Packaging

"We tasked the Prest Group with the impossible. A super tight deadline for a brand new product launch. Within no time we had samples and design ideas we had never even considered. We can honestly say that the input and service we received were a major part in making the new product our biggest and most successful launch ever."

HG Dental

Custom Packaging

“I cannot thank the Prest Group enough for the time, effort and quality they provided us, adding that little 'extra' to our Cobolt Chromes and Dentures. We have had so much positive feedback from our clients, we’re so very pleased and cannot recommend this service highly enough!”
Managing Director


Custom Packaging

“ I can highly recommend the bespoke packaging service by Jack and his team at Prest Group.

We went through a really detailed templating and prototyping exercise to come up with a fantastic product box with foiling and spot UV details.

Great price & service I will definitely be using again.”

Managing Director

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