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Our packaging is manufactured specifically for your product. As a supplier of packaging solutions, we strive to ensure your product is protected, while simplifying your logistical processes and reducing your carbon footprint. All of which should help sell your product.

What is a die cut forme

Die Cutting is the process that cuts out shapes from sheets of paper or cardboard using a cutting forme. In order for a forme to be made, a laydown in either a CF2 or PDF file (cutting guide file) would have to be supplied. Then, using a CAD system, the cutting template is laser cut into plywood. Finally, the forme will be put on the die-machine and your printed packaging will have materialised for all to admire.

Working with us

The Prest Group team understands the challenges you face as a business; we’re here to make life easier. We aim to provide packaging solutions that will increase the value of your product and bottom-line. Our technical and development teams will guide you every step of the way, from your initial consultation, right through to the exciting bit; having your product, beautifully packaged, in your hands. With the Prest Group, your packaging will model your company’s design aesthetic and will be set to work seamlessly on your production line.


Lithographic printing is the preparation of metal plates on which the artwork is burned using a laser. An individual plate is needed for each colour used in the designed artwork. These are then loaded onto a rubber sheet into the printing press where the picture is offset and transferred and then applied to the chosen material. The system works on water and oil repulsion, the image being printed absorbs ink from the rollers while the unprinted area attracts the water remaining ink free.

Different types of packaging

FEFCO boxes give our customers a good understanding of the types of packaging available with the Prest Group. Their established boxes are used around the world for their quality and efficiency. The boxes are similar but slight variables allow for the right box/product pairing for you.

FEFCO styles are a collection of standard box and carton designs cataloged by FEFCO. These are widely used throughout the corrugated packaging industry. These tried and trusted box styles let you jump through the design process and come with proven reliability and usability.


What our customers say

Bolton Gin

Custom Packaging

"We tasked the Prest Group with the impossible. A super tight deadline for a brand new product launch. Within no time we had samples and design ideas we had never even considered. We can honestly say that the input and service we received were a major part in making the new product our biggest and most successful launch ever."

HG Dental

Custom Packaging

“I cannot thank the Prest Group enough for the time, effort and quality they provided us, adding that little 'extra' to our Cobolt Chromes and Dentures. We have had so much positive feedback from our clients, we’re so very pleased and cannot recommend this service highly enough!”
Managing Director


Custom Packaging

“ I can highly recommend the bespoke packaging service by Jack and his team at Prest Group.

We went through a really detailed templating and prototyping exercise to come up with a fantastic product box with foiling and spot UV details.

Great price & service I will definitely be using again.”

Managing Director

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