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At the Prest Group, our distribution operates on a daily basis to ensure your orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible. We take into consideration various factors when handling deliveries, which will determine how we package and deliver your boxes. These are as following:

Companies without a forklift

We understand that not every business will have access to a forklift. In this case, we encourage stacking your boxes into large brown outer boxes for better protection for your products during transit. Another option is shrink-wrapping. This is an easy process that involves bundling together large quantities of boxes that are wrapped in a plastic. Heat is then applied to shrink the plastic around the product, keeping your boxes compact.

Strapping is another simple technique used to protect your products during transit. Strapping is applied once your boxes have been grouped into a bundle. A protective outer cover sheet is fitted with a large strap. This secures the boxes and protects your products while they’re out for delivery.

Larger Orders

For larger orders, your products will be palletised into a shroud, which is a large, heavy piece of board that surrounds the pallet. This keeps the boxes secure and protected when in transit. Finally, cling film wrap will be applied around the shroud and labelled as an extra precaution.

For more temperamental jobs, the previous process will be identical with one exception: your boxes will be placed in outer packaging before being placed onto the pallets and wrapped within the shroud.

Euro and standard pallets

Euro pallet dimensions: A Euro Pallet is around 1200mm x 800mm x 144mm. Euro pallets are slightly smaller than standard pallets and are typically used for exporting goods from the UK.

For reference, standard pallets are typically 1016mm x 1219mm x 144mm and are commonly used for domestic deliveries.

Additional information
We make sure that all products fit comfortably onto the pallet. We do not over-hang our client’s boxes and we do all we can to ensure our client’s orders are protected.

When stacking your order, we ask you to specify the height you want the boxes to stacked. We understand that the shelving and racks you use may be limited in size. Standard stacking heights range between 800cm-1100cm. Therefore, where possible, we aim to stack your products in a way that’s convenient for you to receive your products.

In some circumstances, we offer a repackaging service in which we receive your products and design and manufacture high-end printed boxes that align with your brand. We’ll then return your products in a reimagined box.

This is a great solution for businesses that want high-end boxes but lack the time or resources to generate new designs. This allows you to focus on your customers, while we handle the packaging. In this case, your products will be securely returned in a pallet shroud, and in many cases, put into boxes of 6 and 8 for added protection.


Our deliveries vary, depending on the order quantity and delivery location. For local deliveries, we aim to be there personally. For larger orders, long-distance and overseas destinations, we work closely with a number of logistics companies to deliver your order.

Delivery time
Once your order has been processed and finalized, our delivery time usually has a fast turn-around. We have wagons and local deliveries distributing 3 or 4 times a day. We aim to ship orders on the same day that the boxes are manufactured. For your convenience, an estimated delivery time will be given to you. Of course, order quantity and delivery location will influence this.
Delivery Pricing
We pride ourselves on fair pricing and will keep our delivery price to a minimum. For local deliveries, we don’t charge an additional cost, unless the order exceeds a couple of pallets and requires a larger vehicle. For high order quantities and long-distance deliveries, the cost will be limited to what we get charged by the delivery provider.

Distribution is a core part of our business. We take pride and care in packaging client’s orders. No effort is spared to ensure orders are delivered in the same condition that they left our factories in. At the Prest Group, we understand the importance of time management for your business. We work closely with our clients to establish a timeframe for their deliveries and work hard to meet this target.

At the Prest Group, sustainability is key to our operations. Accordingly, we try to minimize the number of outer boxes we use in order to reduce waste.

Here at the Prest Group, we facilitate a broad range of deliveries throughout the UK and Europe. Whether you’re ordering large printed boxes or smaller luxury boxes, we aim to have your order with you as soon as it’s manufactured.

Organisation is essential. We label all of our outgoing packagings and sort them by region to avoid any confusion for our delivery partners.

High-end printed packaging gets the care and protection it deserves here at the Prest Group. We understand that packaging plays a crucial role in your branding process and must stand out to attract consumers to choose your product when it’s on the shelf. Many orders are done by hand. We find this avoids marking and scratching so they’re individually packaged by our team.

Packaging process

The packing process is quick and easy, consisting of the following five steps:
Step one
Once all the boxes are manufactured, they’re sorted into the necessary stacking numbers, ready for shipping.
Step two
The order is palletised the way you’ve requested and is cling wrapped
Step three
The order is appropriately labeled and stored in the appropriate zone, ready for delivery.
Step four
A forklift will carefully load the wagon with your order. It’ll be signed for by the delivery company and on its way.
Step Five
The order is delivered to the delivery address and signed for by a member of staff.
The first order is always a little more time consuming, particularly with larger orders., Once we’ve been through the process, all future orders have a faster turnaround time.


What our customers say

Bolton Gin

Custom Packaging

"We tasked the Prest Group with the impossible. A super tight deadline for a brand new product launch. Within no time we had samples and design ideas we had never even considered. We can honestly say that the input and service we received were a major part in making the new product our biggest and most successful launch ever."

HG Dental

Custom Packaging

“I cannot thank the Prest Group enough for the time, effort and quality they provided us, adding that little 'extra' to our Cobolt Chromes and Dentures. We have had so much positive feedback from our clients, we’re so very pleased and cannot recommend this service highly enough!”
Managing Director


Custom Packaging

“ I can highly recommend the bespoke packaging service by Jack and his team at Prest Group.

We went through a really detailed templating and prototyping exercise to come up with a fantastic product box with foiling and spot UV details.

Great price & service I will definitely be using again.”

Managing Director

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